What is the Access Course?

The Access Programme is a free 1-year part-time course that aims to provide mature students (aged 23 or over on year of entry to a degree programme) with the opportunity to prepare, personally and academically, for an undergraduate course of full-time study of at least three years duration at NUI Galway or St. Angela' College, Sligo

Follow these 4 steps to apply:

1. Familiarise yourself with the Application Guidebook for Access Mature Students 20-21 which goes through the online application process in detail.

2. Apply for the Access Programme at St. Angela's College by clicking HERE

3. Upload all your supporting documentation (e.g. Financial Documentation, ID, Medical Card etc.) to your online application account.

4. Complete a copy of the Access Course Personal Statement‌ and upload online with your application. The Personal Statement allows you the opportunity to disclose information about your own personal background, disadvantage and the reasons why you wish to do the course.

For assistance and further queries, contact:

Philip White Sinéad Dolan
Access Programme Co-ordinator
(St. Angela's College, Sligo)
Access Programme Co-ordinator
(St. Angela's College, Sligo)
E: pwhite@stangelas.nuigalway.ie    E: sidolan@stangelas.nuigalway.ie