(Sociology, Research, Educational Technology, Pedagogy)

Director of Graduate Programmes, School of Education.

Ed.D.; M.Ed.; B.Ed.

Maria joined the School of Education, St. Angela’s College, Sligo, as lecturer in 2000 and is currently, Director of Graduate Programmes. She lectures on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and has worked on collaborative international research projects in Europe and Africa over the past twenty years. Her research interests and publications focus on education in multicultural contexts, identity development, technologies and the reconceptualisation of Teacher Education. Her current research includes a project in Finland which examines education for sustainability; an exploration of how technology can support children in Hospital Schools who are ‘distanced’; an examination of how best to support students teachers’ as researchers in the field of education; an exploration of how various technologies can support teaching and learning in both face to face and virtual environments. Maria was invited by NOKUT (the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) to deliver workshops to Norwegian teacher educators in 2018,  following the introduction of the five years master’s programme for primary teachers in Norway. She is Southern Chair of the cross-border body for teacher education on the island of Ireland – the Standing Conference for Teacher Education North and South (SCoTENS 2019-2022).

Education for Everyday Sustainability – Learning Skills at School for 1.5 Degree Lifestyle (Sus-Life).
Research Partners: Dr. Hanna Kuusisaari, University of Helsinki, Professor Minna Autio, University of Helsinki and Dr. Maria Campbell, St. Angela’s College, Sligo.
Funder: Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS). €60,000

Project title: ReSTID: Reconceptualising the role of Student Teachers in the Inclusion of learners who are Distanced from their peers.
Research Partners: Dr. Maria Campbell and Dr. Deirdre Harvey, St. Angela’s College.
Funder: St. Angela’s College. €500

Project title: An examination of the use of the online T-REX platform in student teachers’ research activities: interactions, collaborations and challenges.
Research Partners: Dr. Deirdre Harvey and Dr. Maria Campbell, St. Angela’s College.
Funder: TREX. €3000. 

Project title: Teaching and learning: embedding digital technology in Home Economics teacher education. Research Partners: Dr. Maria Campbell and Helen Maguire, St. Angela’s College.
Funder: Teaching and Learning Forum. €16,000 

Project title: Access to Post-primary Teaching (APT): Supporting the Access and Retention of Lower Socio-economic Groups in/to Initial Teacher Education.
Research Partners: Dr. Elaine Keane, NUI Galway, Dr. Eileen Kelly-Blakeney and Dr. Maria Campbell, St. Angela’s College.
Funder: Higher Education Authority’s Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH) Fund. €204,059.86

Project title: Initial Teacher Education reforms in Ireland: Exploring perspectives on the Bachelors programme and the new five-year Masters programme.
Research Partners: Fiona Crowe and Dr. Maria Campbell, St. Angela’s College.
Funder: St. Angela’s College. €500. 

Project title: The culturally diverse classroom: Exploring opportunities and challenges (CDCEOC).
Research Partners: Dr. Maria Campbell (PI), St. Angela’s College, Sligo, and Peter Stevenson, St. Mary’s University College, Belfast.
Funder: SCOTENS –Standing Conference on Teacher Education, North and South. £4,000 sterling.

Project title: Development Education: Creating collaborative learning spaces within the school community.
Research Partners: St. Angela’s College - Dr. Maria Campbell (PI), Karen Kennedy, Helen Maguire, Amanda Mc Cloat, Dr. Kathryn McSweeney, Kate Mohan, Dr. Louise Mylotte, Breda O’Mahony and Dr. Louise Lehane.
Funder: Government of Ireland, Department of Foreign Affairs. €4,240

2015 -2016
Project title: Reimagining Professional Identities: Towards a Charter for Teacher Educators.
Research Partners: University of Oulu, Finland, University of Ulster, St. Angela’s College, University of Limerick, Mary Immaculate College, Centre for Cross Border Studies, University of Stichting VU-Vumc, The Netherlands, The Teaching Council, University College Dublin.
Funder: SCoTENS, €5,000. 

Project title: Pedagogies and Curriculum: embedding Development Education in Initial Teacher Education.
Project Partners: Dr. Maria Campbell (PI) and Fiona Crowe, St. Angela’s College.
Funder: Ubuntu Network, €4,560.   

Research Project: Using the iPad in the classroom: Opportunities and challenges for teaching and learning.
Research Partners: Dr. Maria Campbell. St. Angela’s College.
Funder: St. Angela’s College.  €1000 

Research Project: The Teacher Educator Exchange Programme (TEEP).
Research Partners: University College Dublin, University College Cork, St. Patrick’s College, Dublin, St. Angela’s College, Sligo, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Kyambogo University, Uganda, Lesotho College of Education, Lesotho.
Funder: Research funded by Irish Aid, €500,000. 

Research Project: Examining the factors which influence student teachers’ pedagogical choices in a selection of subjects/disciplines.
Research Partners: St. Angela’s College, Dr. Maria Campbell.
Funder: Irish Aid, €800

Research Project: The identification, assessment and inclusion for learners with special educational needs: Towards a national system for Lesotho.
Research Partners: Lesotho College of Education, UCC, Mary Immaculate College, St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, St. Angela’s College, UCD.
Funder: Irish Aid. €450,000

Research Project: Traveller Centres, Integration and Value for Money
Research Partners: St. Angela’s College and UCC. Dr. Maria Campbell (PI) St. Angela’s College and Dr. Niamh Hourigan, University College Cork.
Funder: The National Association of Travellers Centres, €14,450.

Research Project: Utilising Development Education to critique the synergies and tensions that exist between theory and practice in the context of Home Economics Teacher Education.
Research Partners: St. Angela’s College. Dr. Maria Campbell (PI) St. Angela’s College and Fiona Crowe.
Funder: Irish Aid, €1,000

Research Project: Establishing a National Centre for Global Development through Education,
Research Partners: University of Ulster, University of Limerick, University College Dublin, University College Cork, Stranmillis University College, Belfast, St. Patrick’s College, Dublin, St. Mary’s College, Belfast, St. Angela’s College, Sligo, Mater Dei Institutie of Education, Dublin, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Froebel College of Education, Dublin, 80-20; Educating and Acting for a better World, Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho in Ireland, Kyambogo University, Uganda, Lesotho College of Education, Lesotho, Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda.
Funder: Department of Foreign Affairs: Programme of Strategic Cooperation between Irish Aid and Higher Education and Research Institutes (2007 – 2011) €1.5 million.

Research Project: Developing a collaborative structured PHD programme for the Social Sciences.
Research Partners: UCC, UL, NUI Galway
Funder: IRCHSS; €58,000; 

Research Project: Comparative Study on the influence of professional narrative and Institutional culture on students’ engagement with Development Education.
Research Partners: Dr. Maria Campbell (PI) St. Angela's College and Dr. Niamh Hourigan, University College Cork.
Funder: Department of Foreign Affairs, €2,500;

Year: 2008
Publication: Campbell, M. and Hourigan, N. (2008) ‘Institutional Culture and Development Education’ in Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review, Issue 7, pp. 35-47.

Year: 2009
Publication: Campbell, M. and Hourigan, N. (2009) Institutional Cultures, Professional Narrative and Development Education, in Action Research and Other Projects to integrate Development Education into Initial Teacher Education 2006-2008. UL: Ubuntu Network Publication.

Year: 2010
Publication: Hourigan, N. and Campbell, M. (2010) The Teach Report: Traveller Education and Adults: Crisis, Challenge and Change. Published by the National Association of Travellers’ Centres (NATC).

Publication: Campbell, M. (2010) Ireland’s Multicultural Classrooms and Initial Teacher Education: The Convergence of Culture and Pedagogy, in Murphy, J., Higgs, G. and Griffin, C. (eds) Research – Teaching Linkages: Practice and Policy. UCC; Nairtl Publications (National Academy for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning).

Year: 2011
Publication: Campbell, M. and Crowe, F. (2011) Home Economics as a Discipline: Development Education and Pedagogical Practice, in Batteson, T. and Tormey, R. (eds) Teaching Global Perspectives: Introducing Student Teachers to Development Education. Dublin: Liffey Press.

Year: 2012
Publication: O’Riordan, J., Urwick, J., Long, S., and Campbell, M. (2012) Towards a Holistic Understanding of Special Educational Needs, in Griffin, R. (Ed) Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: closer perspectives. Oxford: Symposium Books Ltd.

Year: 2013
Publication: Campbell, M. and Wiggam, P. (2013) Designing technology-enriched educational environments. Report commissioned by CEDEFOP (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training). Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

Year: 2018
Publication: Clarke, L., Abbott, L., Campbell, M., Cowan, P., Galvin, C., Hall, K.,  Magennis, G., & Purdy, N. (2018)  Stories from an Ongoing conversation: SCoTENS as a forum for sustaining cross-border cooperation for teacher education in The Journal of Cross Border Studies in Ireland, Vol. 13, p79-90

Publication: Clarke, L., Galvin, C., Campbell, M., Cowan, P., Hall, K., Magennis, G., Purdy, N., & Abbott, L. (2020). Assessing the value of SCOTENS as a cross-border professional learning network in Ireland using the Wenger–Trayner value-creation framework. Oxford Review of Education, 1-17.

Year: 2021 (in press)
Publication: Kuusisaari, H., Campbell, M., & Autio, M. (in press  ) Climate Change and modifying student behaviours through the lens of Home Economics: A Case Study from Finland,  in Dolan, A., and Hogan, D. (Ed ) Teaching Climate Change in Post Primary Education. London: Routledge.

Campbell, M., and Harvey, D. (2020 - postponed due to Covid) Technology and pedagogy: empowering learners in hospital schools who are ‘distanced’ from their peers - presentation at HOPE (Hospital Organisation of Pedagogues in Europe) 2020, University of Tallinn, 12th -15th May, 2020.

Campbell, M., and Stephenson, P. (2020 – postponed to 2021 due to Covid) Utilising a Shared Critical Media Literacy Intervention to Challenge Stereotypical representations of minorities in the classroom in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland - paper presentation ATEE Conference Social Justice, Media and Technology in Teacher Education, University of Florence, 20-22nd May 2020.

Clarke, L., Campbell, M., (presenting) Cowan, P., Galvin, C., Hall, K., & Purdy, N. (2019) Teacher Education Networks across a Contentious Border in the Island of Ireland – the Case of SCoTENS – paper presentation at ECER conference, Hamburg on 04-09-2019.

Campbell, M., and Stevenson, P. (2019) Preparing Irish student teachers for culturally diverse classrooms: Exploring opportunities, challenges and perspectives from Northern and Southern Ireland – paper presented at ESAI conference, Sligo on 12-04-2019.

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Campbell, M., Guofang, W., and Scott, M. (2017) Reform of Irish Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and the implications for minorities and marginalised groups. Paper delivered as part of a Symposium entitled: Neoliberalism in Teacher Education: An International Phenomenon, at CAERDA (Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association) conference, San Antonio, Texas, 26th April, 2017.

Campbell, M. (2016) Student teachers: Engaging with Media Constructs and Power Dimensions. Paper delivered at BERA annual conference, 13-15 September, University of Leeds, England.

Campbell, M. (2016) Ireland’s Multicultural Classrooms: Opportunities and Challenges for Initial Teacher Education. Paper delivered at the conference; Bringing Teacher Education Forward: National and International Perspectives. June 6-8th, University of Oslo, Norway.

Campbell, M. (2016) The Irish Multicultural Classroom. Paper delivered at Education and the Law conference entitled: ‘A duty to Care: Issues of Child Protection, Welfare and Inclusion for Educators and Legal Advisors’, on 5th March 2016, St. Angela’s College, Sligo.

Campbell, M. and Magennis, G. (2015) Rural Schools in Multicultural Settings. Paper delivered and workshop facilitated at Scotens 13th Annual Conference; Teacher Education for Social Justice. 15th -16th October, Limerick.

Campbell, M. (2014) Teacher Identity Development and the Multicultural Classroom: Using Narrative and Critical Incidents to Illuminate Pedagogical Choices. Paper delivered at 2014 International Research Methods Summer School (IRMSS), University of Limerick,  6-8 June 2014. 


  • Member of Ubuntu Assembly (Embedding Development Education in 2nd level Initial Teacher Education)
  • Southern co-chair of SCoTENS 2019-2022 (Standing Conference of Teacher Education North and South)
  • ESAI (Education Studies Association of Ireland)
  • ATEE (Association for Teacher Education in Europe)
  • EERA (European Educational Research Association)