Research Areas by the Home Economics Department

Research AreaDetails
Public Health
Investigation into the implementation of the nutrition standards for school food is ongoing research with Dr. Colette Kelly & Claire Kerins from the Discipline of Health Promotion, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland & Dr. Celine Murrin from University College Dublin. 

Affiliated Institutions: NUI Galway (Discipline of Health Promotion)

Staff Involved: Breda O'Mahoney

Small and Medium Sized Food/Beverage Enterprise Development.  
I have worked with InterTrade Ireland on funded Knowledge Transfer Programmes (KTP) called Fusion involving the knowledge transfer of food related research (NPD, nutritional, sensory, labelling, shelf life, food safety, etc.,) to  companies through  post graduate students placed in food/beverage industries for up to 2 years duration generating approximately €700,000  of funding received through this initiative over the past 7 years. The Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher scheme provides a voucher to the value of €5,000 to SME’s to be used with a Knowledge Provider to assist with innovative projects. I can claim responsibility for approximately €300,000 received over recent years via the delivery of successful projects to companies across the island of Ireland.
I have hands on practical experience of working with start-up, small and medium sized food and beverage companies assisting them with the development of innovative, novel and alternative products through supports from various Local Enterprise Offices and Leader Companies. 
I have co-ordinated the successful application and delivery of a Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine (DAFM) funded “Sensory Network of Ireland” project under the DAFM Further Institute Research Measure (FIRM) initiative. 
I am an approved Academic Coach/Mentor for the EU funded INTERREG Co-Innovate Programme which facilitates cross border research and innovative linkages between SME’s and HEI’s spanning the border Counties, Northern Ireland and Western Scotland. I am a member of the Plant and AgriBiosciences Research Centre at the Martin Ryan Institute NUI Galway.

Staff Involved: Michael Hosey

Doctoral Research Student


Currently researching the ability of Collaborative Problem Solving to Enhance the Entrepreneurial Intention of Second Level students in Ireland.

Affiliated Institutions: NUI Galway

Staff Involved: Ronan McArt
Marketing Research Ongoing research on behalf of client companies.

Staff Involved: Ronan McArt

Care / Europe
Member of  EU COST Action ‘Who Cares in Europe?’ which has 23 countries as members and runs from 2019-2023.

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy

Travellers/ Criminal Justice/ Gender
Principal Investigator on a Feasibility Study into a Dedicated Support Programme for Traveller Women in the Criminal Justice System

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy, Co- researcher Dr Maria Pierce


Access to Post-Primary Teaching (APT): Supporting the Access and Retention of Lower Socio-economic Groups in/to Initial Teacher Education. (St. Angela’s strand) 

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy, Principal Investigator  Dr Eileen Kelly

Currently collaborating with several orders of religious sisters in Ireland to collect their personal narratives. 

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy

Roma / Policy

Principal Investigator on Roma in Ireland: A National Needs Assessment (2018) which was a participatory research project in which I led 18 peer researchers from the Roma community and its recommendations have been incorporated into  the National Traveller and Roma Integration Strategy (NTRIS).

Staff Involved:
 Patricia Kennedy

Social Inclusion / Ageing
Principal Investigator on The Gong Shuttle, a multi-disciplinary research project on the role of free public transport in the prevention of loneliness and isolation in ageing populations, NSW, Australia (2017-2018).

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy

Refugees/ Asylum Seekers/ Sexual and Reproductive Health/Europe
Principal Investigator on EnHera, a European Refugee Fund sponsored research project on the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Refugees and Asylum Seekers (2008-2011). 

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy
Chaplaincy/ Migration
Welcoming the Stranger, Irish Emigrant Welfare in Britain since 1957 (The history of the Irish Emigrant Chaplaincy).

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy

One Parent Families
The History of Treoir, Federation of Services for Unmarried Parents.

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy

Craftwork and Tourism
Training Needs of the Craft and Tourism Sectors in the North West of Ireland.  1998. E.U. Evora Funded Research project undertaken in association with the University of Evora, Portugal & and the University of Extramadura, Spain.

Staff Involved: Ursula O'Shea and Marie Martin

Specialist Sewing for the Medical Device Technology Centre (2015) Partnerships for Wellbeing, Bringing Sewing Skills to Life. Paper presented at IFHE/EAHE/University of Malta Conference, University of Malta 20th March 2015. (2015)

Staff Involved: Helen Maguire, Ursula O’Shea
Specialist Sewing for the Medical Device Technology Centre (2017) Innovative Sewing Skills for Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyles, Paper presented at the ‘IFHE Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyles Policy, Pedagogy and Practice’, Conference. St. Angela’s College, Sligo; 24th March Ireland, 2017.

Staff Involved: Helen Maguire, Ursula O’Shea
Sustainable Textiles in Education
Re-imagining Home Economics Textiles, Fashion and Design Modules for a Sustainable Future IFHE Region Europe – Conference 30 & 31 August 2018 Osnabrück, Germany.

Staff Involved: Helen Maguire, Ursula O’Shea.

Sustainable Textiles in Education (xxxx) The Impacts of a Re-Imagined T-shirt Brief on sustainable Fashion Consumption of Third Level Home Economics Students. Ongoing research.

Staff involved: Ursula O’Shea, Emer Maher Dowling
Development Education (2018) Promoting Development Education in Teacher Education, Ubuntu Network Teacher Education for Sustainable Development Dialogue Day, University College Cork, May 2018.

Staff involved: Kathryn McSweeney, Louise Lehane (PI), Maria Campbell, Helen Maguire, Emer Maher Dowling, Amanda McCloat, Kate Mohan, Louise Mylotte, Breda O’Mahony, Ursula O’Shea.
Food and Healthy Eating in the Primary School - An all-Ireland Study
Collaborative research project with the School of Education, University of Ulster, N.I. funded by the Standing Conference on Teacher Education North & South (SCoTENS) (Grant awarded March 2008; Submitted 2010; selected for publication by SCoTENS 2011 and launched at SCoTENS annual conference 2011). 

Staff involved: Dr Elaine Mooney, Dr Eileen Kelly-Blakeney, Amanda Mc Cloat, Dorothy Black (UU)


Widening Participation in Initial Teacher Education
Awarded €204,000 for three-year Access to Post-Primary Teaching (APT) project with NUIG School of Education funded by HEA Programme for Access to Third Level (PATH) Strand 1. 

Staff involved: Dr Eileen Kelly-Blakeney, Dr Patricia Kennedy, Dr Andrea Lynch (Marino Institute)
Recipes for Success project with GAA and ATHE (2016) St. Angela’s College, GAA and ATHE Collaboration 

Staff involved: Roisin Lydon, Amanda Mc Cloat, Dr Elaine Mooney, Dr Eileen Kelly-Blakeney

Innovation Projects by the Home Economics Department

Innovation ProjectDetails
Design and Provision of Fitness Programme and Personal Training with Traveller Women (2015-2017) Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre, Dublin 1

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy

Anascaul Festival of Adventure Writing (November 2020)
Founder and Secretary, Local Community  Voluntary Committee, Anascaul, County Kerry 

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy

Oral History Project with Religious Sisters (ongoing) Collecting oral histories.

Staff Involved: Patricia Kennedy

Time Project Project to establish and meet the training needs of Irish hospitality industry. 

Staff Involved: Ronan McArt

Lead Irish Representative on the Dolceta Project The aims of the project were to assist in raising the level of awareness and understanding of European consumer rights in the Member States and to develop interactive web-based tools for consumer education to be used primarily by ‘multipliers’: teachers, trainers and adult educators in educational institutions, government bodies with consumer responsibilities, consumer associations etc.

Affiliated Companies/Organisations: 
European Commission, European Universities and Consumer Bodies

Staff Involved: Dr Mary Magee, Ronan McArt, Paul Foley

Food Innovation and New Product Development. 
Publication: InterTrade Ireland’s Graduate website featured McErlain’s Bakery, Magharafelt, Co. Derry, Fusion project with Michael Hosey as Academic Mentor to promote high calibre jobs for Graduates.

Publication: Dungannon Observer, Co. Tyrone, reported on InterTrade Ireland’s Project Exemplar award, awarded to Co. Tyrone based Mackle Snacks for outstanding innovation mentored by Michael Hosey. 

Publication: Fermanagh Herald reported on a Fusion award for Western Brand Chicken Lisnaskea, mentored by Michael Hosey. 

Staff Involved: Michael Hosey
Specialist Sewing for the Medical Device Technology Sector 
Certificate in Specialist Sewing for the Medical Device Technology Sector. Springboard funding received for 2 x 8 week courses September-November 2014 and February-April 2015.

Affiliated Organisations: Springboard, the IDA, Ireland, the Department of Social Protection and Jenavalve. 

Staff Involved: Ursula O'Shea, Helen Maguire