Dudley Practice Area

The Dudley Practice Area (DPA) is the Clinical Skills Simulation Resource Centre of the Department of Nursing and Health Studies at St. Angela’s College. The state-of-the art centre facilitates and enhances the clinical skills development of nursing and healthcare students/professionals, in a supportive and safe environment in a realistic setting.

The Dudley Practice Area (DPA) constitutes several rooms that are designed and equipped for students to learn clinical, technical and interpersonal skills across a wide range of topics and disciplines related to both general and intellectual disability nurse training.

The DPA comprises of:

  • Two, fully equipped three-bedded wards
  • Computer programmed Simulation mannequin, Vital Sim (Nursing Annie) Mannequins x 2, Geri-mannequins x 2, Care Mannequins x 2 all of which are used for simulated scenario participation/managment and skills training
  • Fully equipped nursing station
  • Clean utility room with all facilities
  • Fully equipped bathroom suite suitable for care of the disabled person
  • One bedroomed flat with fully equipped kitchen and sitting area and a bathroom suite suitable for care of the disabled person
  • One therapy room/general purpose room which is used to facilitation interpersonal skills such as communication, case studies and reviews, tutorials small group seminars and teaching etc.
  • Store Room
  • Task training equipment and teaching aids

Audio Visual Resources

  • Eight integrated overhead video cameras located throughout the ward and flat areas, facilitate the remote video recording of clinical skills practice/assessment, care scenarios participation/performance, task development/assessment and interpersonal skills practice/assessment.
  • Self-videoing facilities are also available which enable students to video their own performance in skill development and care scenario participation, for self and peer review.
  • All students have access to a wide range of pre-recorded skills videos relevant to the fundamental skills curriculum for undergraduate general and intellectual disability nursing students, on the e-learning platform 
  • DPA1
  • DPA2
  • DPA4
  • DPA8
  • DPA10
  • DPA13
  • DPA14
  • DPA15
  • DPA16
  • DPA17
  • DPA18
  • DPA19
  • DPA20
  • DPA21
  • DPA22