The exam timetable will available online approximately 3 weeks before examinations commence. The exam timetable should not be used for planning flights as the timetable may change. When necessary amendments to the timetable will be published on the website. Please check the timetable regularly to ensure you have the latest details regarding your exams; it is your responsibility to know when your exams are on.

As advised by the College President on 20th May 2020, there will be no traditional exam hall sittings in December 2020 meaning semester one modules will be assessed through continuous assessment or in-class/online examinations. In-class/online exam timetables will be communictaed to groups in advance.

Where the Disability Support Service has recommended exam accommodations for you, please liaise with the appropriate staff in the relevant discipline to request that any required exam accommodations are put in place for timed assessments designed to replace exams.

Semester 1 (Winter) Exam Timetable 2020

Date Time Group Module
23/11/2020 10.00-11.00 BAPME 3 - Biology BI 3.4 Molecular Biology: Nucleic Acids
23/11/2020 14.00-16.00 BAPME 4 - Biology BI 4.2 Molecular Cell Biology 
07/12/2020 09.00-10.00 BNSc 3 - Gen & ID Applied Biological Science 3
08/12/2020 09.15-10.15 BNSc 2 - Gen & ID Principles of Pharmacology
08/12/2020 11.00-13.00 BAPME 4 - Biology BI 4.1 Biochemistry 2: Metabolism 
08/12/2020 15.00-17.00 BAPME 2 - Biology BI 2.2 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 
10/12/2020 09.00-10.00 BNSc 1 - Gen & ID Applied Biological Science 1
10/12/2020 11.00-12.00 BNSc 2 - Gen & ID Applied Biological Science 2
11/12/2020 10.00-12.00 BNSc 1 - Gen & ID Nursing Practice Skills 1

Semester 1 Exam Timetable only includes modules that are being assessed online on a specific date/time no greater than 2hrs. If you have any queries about the scheduling of an alternative assessment that is not included on the timetable please contact your lecturer.

If you have difficulty viewing this timetable on your mobile device, please switch setting to "desktop site".

Access to Past Exam Papers is available on Moodle icon

Alternative Exam Arrangements

For alternative exam arrangements e.g. extra time, alternative venue, SLD sticker and marking guidelines. St. Angela’s College uses DAWN 2012 (revised 2013) guidelines for granting reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in all official end-of-term college examinations. (Click here to download guidelines). Your examination accommodations will remain unchanged for the duration of your course unless you request a review meeting.

For students requiring alternative exam arrangements (i.e. sickbay) on the day of an exam, contact the Exams Office as soon as possible by email or phone +353 (0)71 9195513. Every effort will be made to facilitate alternative arrangements in a smaller centre. Sickbay does not automatically allocate students extra time and takes on the same rules and regulations as the main exam centres. The invigilators instructions must be followed at all times.

For further information, please email our Disability Support Service